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Hi there, my name’s Craig and I’ll be your host to Graphic Basics – the Video Training Podcast for the graphic apps of today. We plan to cover several but we’re starting with everyone’s favourite: Adobe Photoshop. Others in the list for the future are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. We have no ties with Adobe, it’s merely a coincidence that Adobe happen to develop the best apps in today’s graphic industry and that’s what this is all about.

What makes Graphic Basics different to all the other podcasts?

It’s true, there are a multitude of ‘tips & tricks’ podcasts out there but what makes Graphic Basics different is the fact it’s a full training course – taking you through the basics up to the advanced – not just a few intermediate tips.

Not only that, it goes beyond simply an ability to use the applications, it covers the technical requirements of the industry and also the reasons why. Taking this on board gives you the freedom to work around any problems or techniques yourselves while being confident the result has all the quality needed for your final output, be it for Web or Print.

You get all this? – but how much does it cost!?

Well, this is perhaps one of it’s biggest features: the podcast is entirely free!

You can subscribe to the series through iTunes or subscribe to the RSS feed on the site in your preferred RSS reader and you’ll be alerted of any new episodes that are uploaded.

If you haven’t already, checkout a few episodes and let us know what you think.

All the best and good luck for the future.